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It is my mission to hook every junior onto golf by offering a lively and engaging lesson curriculum that will ignite a child’s passion to become a life long golfer.

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Hi Dee,

Thanks so very much for the really fun lessons last night.  I’ve had so much confusion over chipping because people are always telling me different things.

I was really glad to hear your ideas because you made it simple.  As you know I’m very visual and yet I need 1-2 easy thoughts to go along with it.  The practice was really great, having the target circle, the collar logo and eyes left of the ball and trying to THUMP the ground!  Those are visual and easy to remember!

I’m looking forward to taking my new skills out on the course this spring and showing all the MEN in my work league how to make it look easy!  They will be jealous!

Andrea - League Golfer